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Make That Old Ring Shine

Don’t quit wearing your favorite piece of jewelry because it lost a diamond, gem or slightly damaged. The fine jewelry experts at Southern Oregon Jewelry can help you repair or even enhance that ring, necklace, pendant or earrings to new or even better. 


Home Of the $2 per point up to 5 point diamond program

Repair Or Enhancing Your Jewelry Is Easy

Use The Southern Oregon Jewelry Exclusive $2 Per Point Up To 5 Points Diamond Program for enhancements or repairing your old jewelry. You can even use the program to create a whole new custom piece that is just as unique as you.

 What Southern Jewelry can do

Hundreds of Gems Stones, Years of Experience, Combined With Your Unique Style Imagination 

Rings-Necklaces-Pendants-Earrings & More!

Don’t throw that damaged ring, necklace or other piece of jewelry to the back of the jewelry case. Let Southern Oregon Jewelry Professionals get is repaired or even enhance the look to make it more modern, at a fraction of the price of buying new. 

The $2 per Point Up To 5 Points Diamond Program is the perfect way to get that extra sparkle.

Our huge selection of gemstones can help make your jewelry piece one of a kind.


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